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We have issued a patch of the exe file for Lips. This patch fixes the crash caused by a region collision problem in the grey areas of the first level. Thanks to Epiphany for finding this one. It's a rather rare bug which has now been eradicated.

Lips.exe Patch -- 01/02/2000, 722,338 bytes. (about 3/4 of a meg).

How to install patch: This patch is a simple WinZip file. Open the zip using WinZip or its equivalent. Extract the Lips.exe file into the same directory into which you installed Exploding Lips. The new exe file will overwrite the old exe file. To be sure you can always check dates. If you are running the LipsDemo it will only be necessary to rename the file Lips.exe to Lipsdemo.exe after unzipping.

For a patch of a different sort presently available for Lips CLICK HERE

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