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A Tip From Waldo

There are two ways into the Silver Key Room located in the Canteen next door to the Mortuary: the way that seems easy is actually hard and the way that seems hard is actually the easy way as it turns out.

The average gamer will try jumping through that window even though there's glass there. We put a bardo trap in just for those folks. If they have the skill to get in through that window we figurethat they probably have sufficient skillz to make the special twisting jump, at just the right angle necessary to get back out that same window.

If not, hey they can simply escape, save up to that level, and restart.

However, for those who are less impetuous and perhaps less skilled or more cunning or both, there is a second more devious but simpler way into that room. It involves finding a nearby table upon which resides a can of fart spray, the kind you can buy on eBay in their featured auctions every day of the week. We figure it's become such a household item that it would eventually find its way into the bardos so we made you find one. When you locate the fart spray you have merely to jump across the table or retrieve it with your boomerang by pressing the number "2" on your  keyboard. Please note that F2 will invoke the map. The white parts indicate where you've been.  

Of course, the can of fart spray isn't placed on the table until after you've danced with the baglady in the ballroom quite a distance past the slabroom in the basement of the mortuary. After the basement episode with the baglady you should be ready for a can of fart spray anyway so simply return to the Canteen next door to the Mortuary where the Trap Room with the Silver Key is located and sure enough the can of fart spray will be there waiting for you on the top of the table covered with a red-checkered tablecloth.

Once you successfully obtain the fart spray carry it over to the small door -- you'll have to crouch to get through it -- and the odor-sensitive door will open for you and stay open so you can leave the same way you came in, by crouching.

This maneuver was included in the first level in several places so players would get used to crouching and running while crouched, jumping while crouched, etc..


  1. Here's one for the books: If you're in a small crowded area with four or more vicious, nasty, filthy horrible lips and they're throwing everything they've got at your face, simply pick out the nearest threat (meaning, of course, the closest Lips) and take it out, then jump to where it was, which will be temporarily unoccupied for a few microseconds while you pick out the next-nearest target, then find the farthest spot from the remaining Lips and use your assault rifle or crossbow on them. Only then should you collect your spoils, ie; food, drink, coins, magic, etc.
  2. Another cool trick, seemingly basic once you've got the skills but totally new to the newbie in deadly combat with Kissing Lips, is to jump up above the grenade explosions, thus avoiding most or all the damage.
  3. It seems obvious, but maybe you haven't realized that the armor is reduced before if you keep your armor built up, your life will be chopped just a little or not at all if you're very determined to find armor. There's plenty in the beginning levels, just as there's more than adequate life potion itself and even armor now and then...normally you get coins and bring them to the armorer to get new armor or build up your damaged gear...but in the advanced levels, nobody seems to find enough of're bound to get Kissed to Death at least once in every level, no matter how skilled you are. Of course, if you can get through totally unscathed, you still aren't guaranteed a win at a Lips Smooch-Down, Team Lips or Tournament Lips, because it's also a matter of Elapsed Time, Secrets, Runes, Spells, Dominations and of course Number of Times Killed...!
  4. You can't get far without mastering the trampoline jump. It's really very simple. Just don't panic. remain where you are, meaning don't hit Mouse1 or any of the movement keys just yet...Study what's'll discover that if you don't do anything, you'll continue to bounce IN PLACE more or less forever or until the power fails in your electric mains. To ADD to the force of your jump, merely hit the TAB button precisely at the same time as you hit the bottom of the jump, meaning when you hear the "boing" of the trampoline's canvas snapping against the springs. I do mean "precisely"...nothing less will do for the long jumps, and I made it so you really have to put some effort into mastering this jump.
  5. You'll notice that you're in "Always Run". There's a gaming reason for it. It's really boring to go any slower. Get used to it, I deliberately made it part of the game's demands on the player, so Suffer.
  6. Sounds are a great clue, and all sounds in Galaxy Games are Surround-Sound Enabled, meaning that if you turn 360 degrees relative to any sound source, you'll be able to feel exactly where it is...ahead, right, left, behind you...this is an essential gaming tool in areas where vision might be obscured.
  7. Keys can always be found in "fair" places. There is no area of any map that is intentionally a "dead-end", and you can be sure that if you run into a blockage, the solution is always nearby. Therefore, if you slam into a "dead-end", or a seeming dead end, DON'T PANIC. Stand there. Look around. Check your map (F2, and Be Thankful To Those Who Prevailed over my early demand that you only get to see where you've been on the map. This is not the case, sigh. You can see the whole map, and the white areas are those you've already explored. The mouse buttons will manipulate the map and magnify it up and down. You can find out all about the various miraculous thingies that your keyboard can do, including "Astral Viewing" of each level (a touch of one of your Function keys will toggle this amazing feature on and off) when you explore your Keyboard Configuration, which is included on every single Galaxy Games CDROM, and you can visit for more info, posted each and every day!!!
  8.'ve come across a really narrow--I mean really really narrow--bridge or rope stretched across some wide and incredibly deadly and obviously bottomless (not quite, but you will spend a while falling...I don't "fake" the experience the Full Monty). First and foremost, DON'T PANIC. (You'll be hearing this a lot from me.) Don't idiotically hit the arrows or any mouse button. Stand Still and look around. If you don't have skills with the mouse, merely turn with your right/left arrows to see where you are. Now...without moving forward or back, (take your finger off the arrows, dummy!!!) CROUCH with the CAPS LOCK button. You'll feel like a tiny mouse as you crawl along, and it'll seem real fast, just as it would to a'll be able to actually SEE the narrow bridge, and if you go one small "tick" at a time, you'll easily navigate any bridge, no matter how narrowly the maniacally cackling GRISHY has built it. I mentioned Grishy's part in this because I want you to know that Grish is not entirely heartless. Whenever you have a "totally hopeless" crusher defeat ahead of you, Grishy has given you a rebirth right at the start of the obstacle, with endless repetition until you make the crossing. How's that for compassion. I told ya before, we're gamers, not marketers!!!
  9. Bored? Smash through everything without a single drop of sweat? Maybe you should be in one of our Lips Pro Leagues, but before taking a Leap like that, consider going through the entire game without killing or being killed, and if you're The World's Champion Lip-Killer, try going through without touching or being touched!
  10. You can time your runs through each level and compare them with Tournament Trial Minimum Times to see if you can "Make the Grade" to a Pro Gamer Tournament, where you can win prizes worth Dozens of Dollars!!! (Just kidding, the prizes are actually super, and they're donated by very charitable companies--yes, we're NONPROFIT, doh, I told ya we ain't doin' it for the money!!!).
  11. If on the other hand you find it almost impossible to get through a level, why not have a friend go through it with you? Of course you can get on the net and log on with each other, one hosting and the other a matter of fact, you can have a whole dungeon party join you online in your game as long as they have the Registered Versions!!! That will give them the GameFinger to find your Very Own Lips Server!!! You can name your server anything you want, just as you can name your Player anything within the limits of the number of characters given by the name field when you first begin playing your Galaxy Game.
  12. You've just discovered that the lava kills, the slime wounds and the water doesn't do anything or sometimes revives an almost dead voyager...maybe. Try to remember to avoid jumping directly into the red stuff. That way, even if you fail repeatedly to cross a lava stream, you won't feel like a total idiot. Remember. Don't actually jump directly into the Red Stuff.
  13. Water can be your friend. Don't be afraid to jump into it and follow it, see where it might lead. Sometimes nowhere, but often enough, it will provide the way to pass many an "impossible" barrier.
  14. Dead End? Nowhere to Go? Try looking around for a small grate in a wall, floor or ceiling. Shoot it. Does it open? If it does, merely press your CAPS LOCK button and duck down into it. It may be your Only Way Out. This will come in handy in the Mortuary's "Chill Room" when you find the tiny little Slab Door that opens to let you through into the Main Level....
  15. You can't figure anything out and you're totally lost. Okay, here it comes...ready?....DON'T PANIC. Go online and check the WalkThrough posted by Waldo--I mean "Grishnak"...He's doing a full walkthrough of the whole game, with every single twist & turn and trick and trap totally covered step by step, so there's hope. Failing that, AFTER you've read the manual (note the missing "F", we don't promote smut, and to safeguard your games we've built in passwords and kick & ban functions so anyone who doesn't behave to your specs is O.U.T. permanently--from your server only, of course-- unless you remove the ban yourself) you can check out our Lips ChatRoom postings and if you can't get an answer there, you can email our Support Team (that'd be me, so take it easy, I'm making Castle, Team Lips and Tournament Maps as fast as my mouse will travel across my little mousepad!!!) for a definitive answer, which will be posted along with your query, you should pardon the expression in this Politically Correct Age (any relation to the previous Age of Aquarius and the Me Generation???).